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 Waterfall Armory

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Ashley Akoya
Akoya clan leader,whirlpool kage,admin

Number of posts : 83
Age : 25
bloodline/soul blade name/hollow power : Akoya Clan{Eye 3}/Animal Curse Mark
married/dating : nobodyy
Registration date : 2008-10-25

Ninja Stats
5000/5000  (5000/5000)
5000/5000  (5000/5000)
5000/5000  (5000/5000)

PostSubject: Waterfall Armory   Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:41 am

With all the weapons for the Waterfall/Whirlpool.

This is heavily guarded. Nobody except people with the password, only told by me may enter. There is a pass code and if you get it wrong, it beeps completely and alot of people will come at you. Its like Hogwarts, you cant appear in our out of it. You're posts will be deleted if you try to steal or any form of that.


The Akoya Eyes: Level 3
Name:Curesmark of The Animal
Skill:Allows you to turn fully furrish, and communicate and understand animals, and use them as spies.
Added Abilities:Animal Mind Control
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Waterfall Armory
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