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 Book of Site Laws

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Ashley Akoya
Akoya clan leader,whirlpool kage,admin
Ashley Akoya

Number of posts : 83
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Book of Site Laws Left_bar_bleue5000/5000Book of Site Laws Empty_bar_bleue  (5000/5000)
Book of Site Laws Left_bar_bleue5000/5000Book of Site Laws Empty_bar_bleue  (5000/5000)
Book of Site Laws Left_bar_bleue5000/5000Book of Site Laws Empty_bar_bleue  (5000/5000)

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PostSubject: Book of Site Laws   Book of Site Laws Icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2008 1:14 am

Article 1: Admin’s rights and privileges

1a: An Admin’s duty is to maintain the site to prevent any insubordination that may generally destabilize the site.
1b: An Admin is capable of maintaining an RP life, but cannot use his/her abilities to augment his/her RP life.
1c: An Admin cannot use his rank as a base to hurl insults from above—his/her job is to Prevent such things.

Article 2: offenses in consideration to the chatbox
2a: Spamming. Spamming is defined as eight or more posts that have no conceivable reason and fail to make any sense with the current topic, meaningless gibberish, a repeated post, or the consistent hawking of goods or other sites.
2b: insubordination: this occurs in all ranks, consists of any of the most well known curses, the knowing use them to without censoring marks (*), and the use of two or more in a sentence (not a post, since a sentence can be divided into multiple posts). The use of a sentence using more curses than regular words also counts as insubordination.

Article 3: Banning Procedure, in the case of a chatbox insubordination
3a: warning: this must be a discreet but OBVIOUS writing—no veiled threats.
3b: rinse and repeat twice more.
3c: Kick. Rinse and repeat four more times if necessary. The amount of kicks is dropped by 0.5 (but is rounded up) every time this is repeated on separate occasions.
3e: B& (ban). This can be done either after the four times are expended, and/or the majority of mods and admin online give their assent.

Article 4: Offenses in the forums.
4a: Spamming: same as above, but only 3 or more in the forums.
4b: godmodding: this includes but is not limited to: doing something that is logically impossible, making multiple posts, “bunny”ing (the act of playing as the opponent’s character), the use of jutsu and abilities outside fo regular range, using technology before the January 1, 1860, and/or insubordination (see 2b).
4c: The illegal modification of an opponent’s post.

Article 5: Response procedure to Forum offenses.
Step 1: warning, discreetly in the form of a PM. Only needs to be done once.
Step 2: Warning that is posted as a post. Only needs to be done once.
Step 3: Deletion of offending post. Do up to four times if necessary.
Step 4: if subject persists, banning.
Step 1-2 same as above
Step 3: if both are guilty, then restart the battle UNDER SUPERVISION.

Article 6: Misc. Offenses
6a: Profile modification: The changing of ANY of the categories that can be edited in the forum without permission—abilities, location, name, password, character sheet, signature
6b: rank change: the modification or inserting of inserting ranks (i.e. Dumb*ss) or such things to cause some emotional harm.
6c: The operation of Banning procedures OUT OF CONTEXT, such as bannings without earlier notice or for no reason. However, this msut be brought BEFORE COURT.
6d: Deletion: No further explanation required
6e: IP blocking: the blocking of a whole computer from being able to function. CAPITAL OFFENSE.

Article 7: Responses to Misc. Offenses.
7a: Profile modification:
Step 1: Warning, orders to change back. Only can be used once.
Step 2: B& from site
If it persists, move to step 2.5.
Step 2.5: 1 class downgrade (admin > mod, mod > regular user)
Step 2.9: ONLY FOR ADMIN WHO HAVE BEEN DEGRADED TO MOD: degrading to regular user.
Step 3: Character deletion of offender.
7b: Rank change
Step 1: Warning.
Step 2: Automatic demerit into regular user.
Step 3: B& from site
Step 4: Character Deletion.
7c: Banning procedures OUT OF CONTEXT:
Step 1: All procedures done out fo context will be reversed on user, and user’s rank will also be degraded to 0.
7d: Deletion
Step 1: Deletion. That is all.
7e: IP blocking: Blocking of IP and deletion of all accounts. Permanent barring from participating in RP.

Article 8: Courtesy clauses:
8a: When RP-fighting, a user can only make one post and up to two actions at a time. More than one post between the opponent’s turns will be treated as godmodding.
8b: Due to the varying schedules and time zones of users, a player must wait a minimum of two hours without a response before he/she is legally allowed to post a follow-up actions.
8c: Killing on the first turn will be godmodding, regardless of whether there are any guards.
8d: A foreign invasion cannot be done in one post—one msut first enter the gates and wait for an hour minimum before he can continue to the kage building.

Article 9: Harassment
9a: The use of any words involving events and body parts specifically limited to one sex when talking about another is considered Sexual Harassment if used in a derogatory fashion. A user does not have to press charges, though. A man talking about his balls to another man can still be considered as sexual harassment, merely GAY sexual Harassment.
9b: Any repeated PMs or begging in the chatbox will be considered harassment.
9c: More than 4 calls for sex will also be considered Sexual Harassment

As you know, every little genin out here uses an obscene number of shadow clones and regular clones. And apparently, htese little genins now allow clones ot use jutsu, which is starting to bug me a wee bit. Here are some ideas for restriction

Article 10: Clones

1: At genin level, only normal clones (infinite amount) and 2 shadow clones should be used during hte duration of the whole battle, due to the fact that each shadow clone halves your chakra.
--1a: The "disappears and reappears [circle one] above/behind/below/next to ___________ with sword/Kunai to throat" is a jutsu, a CHUUNIN-leveled Jutsu, body flicker jutsu. It cannot be used by Genin and therefore would be totally inaccesible by clones. CLONES CANNOT DO HTIS CRAP.
--1b: the traditional shadow clone cannot use Jutsu AT ALL, since it has no real body and needs a constant supply of Chakra to maintain (thus hte reason why they disappear after some time). therefore, you can use equipment, but no hiding jutsu or "suddenly appears" or "use fireball". NO. If you use a jutsu, you are automatically real. Anything else is godmodding.
--1c: Clones making other clones: this is possible, but these clones can be destroyed by a simple slap, due to hte massive amount of spread out chakra.
--1d: REGULAR clones cannot even do damage, htey are merely illusions. regular attacks go right through them, nad their attacks go right through you.

2: The only jutsu-using clones are the other types of clones.
--2a: Chuunin level--water/mist clone: these clones need less chakra to create, since you already have a basic body, but still requires chakra to maintain its shape (it would suck if Zabuza's clones were all oozing around--this ain't ghostbusters). Therefore, these can last longer but need slightly more Chakra.
--2b: Jounin Level--wood clone: these clones, used by Yamato in Shippuden, basically require a massive amount of training and chakra to shape wood into your shape and to imbue a portion of your soul in. However, these clones have potential to last forever, since they don't need any chakra drain to maintain their shape. Since their chakra supply won't constantly drop, htey can use Jutsu. HOWEVER, you can only make 1 of these clones at a time, and since summonings use a large amount of chakra, wood clones CANNOT HELP in this. Also, logically, wood burns. so stay away from those fireballs.

Book of Site Laws Skull-eye
The Akoya Eyes: Level 3
Name:Curesmark of The Animal
Apperance:Book of Site Laws Curse_mark_
Skill:Allows you to turn fully furrish, and communicate and understand animals, and use them as spies.
Added Abilities:Animal Mind Control
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Book of Site Laws
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