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 Kaguya Clan List

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Orlando Kaguya

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PostSubject: Kaguya Clan List   Wed Nov 12, 2008 3:39 am

Dance Of The Willow:Genin,
A single bone spike sprouts from the users palm,they move quickly and hit their opponents with a stabbing motion.

Dance Of The Camelia:Genin,
The user takes their shoulder bone out from their body and uses it as a sword.

Dance Of The Pine:Chuunin,
The user sprouts bone spikes from anywhere on there body impaling their opponent.

Dance Of The Steel wire:
The user removes their spinal column and uses it as a sword and whip,the spinal column is able to extend.

Dance Of The Early Becken:
The user makes multiple large bone spikes comming from the ground,the user could make so many that it looks like a forest,the user is able to travel threw these bone spikes.
(Becareful when you travel threw the bone spikes,you might lose you clothes^^)

Dance of thorns, Genin
Continually Stabs the opponet in a gracedul blanced way
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Kaguya Clan List
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