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 sukio lvl

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Zero Sukio
webmaster,sukio clan leader,outlaw,akatsuki,hollow leader
webmaster,sukio clan leader,outlaw,akatsuki,hollow leader
Zero Sukio

Number of posts : 432
Age : 25
Location : with my bro odin or lil emo kitten
bloodline/soul blade name/hollow power : elemental deero suzo,elemetal curse mark,elemental hollow powers
married/dating : married to kitty
Registration date : 2008-10-25

Ninja Stats
sukio lvl Left_bar_bleue100/100sukio lvl Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
sukio lvl Left_bar_bleue100/100sukio lvl Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
sukio lvl Left_bar_bleue100/100sukio lvl Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

sukio lvl Empty
PostSubject: sukio lvl   sukio lvl Icon_minitimeSat Oct 25, 2008 4:05 pm

tamoe 1 of suzo
gets a little faster and stronger
(requirements:recieved when the member first joins the clan)
sukio lvl Sigpic43145_1
tamoe 2 of suzo
gets faster and stronger and can almost predict attacks before they happen
(requirements:genin rank and tamoe 1)
sukio lvl ABlueSharingan
tamoe 3 of suzo
inhances speed and strength more than before and can use less charka on jutsus.the user can break through genjutsu of their rank or lower
(requirements:chuunin rank and tamoe 2 of suzo)
sukio lvl Bluesharingan
nero suzo
speed and strength is increased greatly and using their eyes they are able to cast genjutsu unknown to their opponents
(requirements:user is at least jounin rank and has tamoe 3 of suzo)
sukio lvl Shar
mero suzo
can break weak and medium genjutsu easlier
(requirements:user has obtained nero suzo and has full understanding of it)
sukio lvl Sharingan_wheel_by_neronin1-1

demonic mero suzo
same as the rest but jutsu can be made faster with less chakra
(for speical member)
sukio lvl My_Mangekyou_Sharingan_by_KiruGatedemonic mero suzo(red cuz it is demonic)(leader)
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sukio lvl
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