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Ashley Akoya
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PostSubject: Genjutsu   Genjutsu Icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2008 12:24 am


Kasumi jusha no jutsu (Mist servant technique)
Name: Kasumi Jusha no Jutsu, literally "Mist Servant Technique"
Type: D-rank, supplementary
Users: Mubi
The user creates a large variety of clones that phase in and out of the ground as if they were made of blackish liquid (oil?). The user can then hide the projectiles they throw within the illusory ones that clones throw.

Kokuangyo no jutsu (Bringer-of-darkness technique)
Name: Kokuangyo no Jutsu, literally "Bringer of Darkness Technique"
Type: A-rank, Supplementary, Short to mid-range (0-10m)
Users: Shodai Hokage
This jutsu creates an area of complete darkness around the victim, enabling the user to attack without being seen.

Kori shinchu no jutsu (Sly mind affect technique)
Name: Kori Shinchu no Jutsu, literally "Sly Mind Affect Technique"
Type: C-rank, supplementary, mid- to long-range (5+m)
Users: Oboro, Kagari, Mubi
Kori Shinchu no Jutsu is a Genjutsu which causes the target to travel around in circles. If the ninja is unable to detect the illusion very quickly, they can become exhausted mentally and physically because they are unable to reach their desired target by traveling along the same path over and over.

Magen: Jubaku satsu (Demonic illusion: Tree bind death)
Name: Magen: Jubaku Satsu, literally "Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death"
Type: B-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
Users: Yuhi Kurenai
With this jutsu Kurenai can make herself disappear so she can approach her target unnoticed. Once near her target, a tree will grow at their feet and its branches will bind him so they are unable to move. Once the target believes they are captured, Kurenai will appear from the tree and stab the target with a kunai.

Magen: Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu (Demonic illusion: False surroundings technique)
Name: Magen: Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu, literally "Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique"
Type: C-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
Users: Hagane Kotetsu
Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu is a simple Genjutsu which changes the appearance of a nearby object.

Magen: Kyoten chiten (Demonic illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth change)
Name: Magen: Kyoten Chiten, literally "Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change"
Type: Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
Users: Uchiha Itachi
Utilising the copy and counter abilities of the Sharingan, the Uchiha clan member can reverse the Genjutsu cast on them and use it against the original user.

Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu (Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique)
Name: Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu, literally "Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique"
Type: D-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
Users: Hatake Kakashi
Narakumi no Jutsu is a Genjutsu technique that causes its target to see a horrifying vision. The ninja will use the rat hand seal to cause a circle of leaves to spin and envelop the target and then fall away. Once cast the world will appear normal to the target until they see the illusion.

Mateki: Mugenonsa (Demonic Flute: Dream Sound Chain)
Name: Mateki: Mugen'onsa, literally "Demonic Flute: Dream Sound Chain"
Type: B-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
Users: Tayuya

Nehan Shoja no Jutsu (Temple of Nirvana Technique)
Name: Nehan Shōja no Jutsu, literally "Temple of Nirvana Technique"
Type: A-rank, Supplementary, All ranges
Users: Yakushi Kabuto
Nehan Shōja no Jutsu is a Genjutsu that allows the caster to place a large body of people into a unconscious state. The target can avoid the spell by forming and using the dispel skill.

Tsukuyomi (Moon Reader)
Name: Tsukuyomi, literally "Moon Reader"
Type: Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
Users: Uchiha Itachi
Named after the Shinto god of the moon, this Genjutsu is one of the most powerful Uchiha jutsu enabled by the Mangekyō Sharingan. The Mangekyō user places the victim in an illusory world where all aspects, including the perception of time, are controlled by the user.
Uchiha Itachi uses this ability to inflict several days' worth of torment on his victims in an instant, which tends to leave the victim bedridden. However, Tsukuyomi is an enormous drain on the user, which discourages its frequent use. Itachi is seemingly only able to use it for the equivalent of three days maximum

Genjutsu Skull-eye
The Akoya Eyes: Level 3
Name:Curesmark of The Animal
Apperance:Genjutsu Curse_mark_
Skill:Allows you to turn fully furrish, and communicate and understand animals, and use them as spies.
Added Abilities:Animal Mind Control
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